Parkour Legends of the Woof-Poof – Part 1 of a Video of movement from some of the athletes of the WFPF , affectionately known as the “Woof Poof”…(part 2 to come!) See the list to see if you can find your favorite WFPF athlete in the video:

Daniel Arroyo

Ryan Doyle

Phil Doyle

Tim “Livewire” Shieff

Paul “Blue” Joseph

Cato Aspmo

Vinnie Coryell

Jason Paul

Justin Sheaffer

Pip Andersen

Yoann “Zephyr” Leroux

Ben Jenkin

Filip Ljungberg

Marcus Gustafsson

Gaetan Bouillet

Max Henry

Daer Sanchez

Artist: Juelz Santana

Song: The Second Coming

Video compiled and edited by WFPF’s Daniel Arroyo