Longboarding – Sunny Side Up

Kyle Chin and Ethan Cochard visit the City by the Bay for a sampling of Balut, a delicacy of the Orangatang variety.

The Balut is a 72.5mm centerset, symmetrical freestyle slide wheel poured in our new Euphorethane formula.

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Kyle: Loaded freeride/DH prototype, Paris 180s, RipTide bushings (90a/95a), Orangatang Baluts (86a)

Ethan: Loaded freeride/DH prototype, Omen trucks, Nipple bushings (80a/83a), Orangatang Baluts (83a)

FILM: Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski

EDIT: Adam Colton


Cinevate, http://www.cinevate.com – Atlas 10 Slider, Atlas Flt Slider, Durus Follow Focus

Canon 5D & 7D

Canon 28- 300mm Lens

Canon 24-70mm Lens

Canon 14mm Lens

MUSIC: “A Rumour in Africa” by Errors