Cherish Your Stoke

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About four months ago, I didn’t know anybody who highlined or even slacklined. I spent hours watching highlining videos, and started messaging every single person who had good videos for advice and help regarding how to get into this sport. Brian Mosbaugh ( responded very positively to my message, and invited me to come meet him and his friends around Smith Rock, Oregon. About three months ago, after walking my first highlines at Smith Rock, I emailed Jerry Miszewski saying that I wanted to make a full length highlining film.

He was stoked.

We hit the ground running, and planned out projects to shoot every week. It has been an incredible experience and I am looking forward to more.

Jerry is truly a renaissance man of the slackline world. He shares the world record for longest slackline walked (1260 ft) with Chris Rigby, and shares the record for longest highline walked (375) with Alexander Schulz. He also created own of the most highly revered slackline businesses, Balance Community. He designs tools and webbings that have pushed the sport forward. On the line and off, Jerry reminds us of what is possible in life if you care about something and dedicate yourself to it. He lives with his wonderful wife, Susan, in Davis, California. Go to to see more of what Jerry does.

This edit is a sneak peak into the footage we have been getting, what I am going for with my film, and why I believe this sport and the people who practice it are special.

Big thank you to John Bowman for recording this interview, and to Erik Butts ( for providing me with this editing software and helping me navigate through it. Thank you so much to Jerry and Susan Miszewski for sharing so much with me. And thanks to Chris Rigby, Luke, Atticus, and everyone who has hung out and helped out throughout our various trips.

I’ve been trying to link up with and explore other highliners to incorporate in this film. Elephant Slacklines ( )recently sent Alexander Schulz to the states and it was absolutely incredible to see him and others charge lines in Moab.

Cherish, cultivate, and share your stoke. This space we share is sacred, and it is our responsibility to nurture ourselves, each other, and the world we live in.

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